Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bordeaux concept wines launched

Capital Vintners is excited to hear that four Michelin-starred chefs and Arnaud Christiaens, a French hedge fund manager and oenophile, have joined forces to create a new wine brand from four different Bordeaux appellations.

The chefs - Bruno Menard, Frederic Anton, Alain Dutournier and Yannick Alleno – have been working with Gerard Basset, a World Champion Sommelier, to create something new and exciting.

Known as Le Secret des Grands Chefs, the project consists of four 2009 wines from small vineyards in Paulliac, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Médoc and Pomerol.

President of the project Arnaud Christiaens said: “I am delighted to introduce Le Secret des Grands Chefs, the fruit of four years’ hard and dedicated work that has been a struggle to keep secret. The combination of talents from Châteaux owners, the best Chefs, financial support and outstanding soils can add up to more than a simple Cartesian formula. It is a great story of man and nature in harmony.”

Christiaens added: “We wanted to produce a new ‘Grand Vin’. Many said it was impossible. But we did it.”

We look forward to seeing (and tasting) the finished product at Capital Vintners very soon.

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